Higher Degrees


         Tyrone Cave National Imperial Potentate


Noble Tyrone Cave 32°
Shrine – Hajji Temple #100
National Imperial Potentate

Daughter Tanja Mayfield
Daughters of Isis - Elmrra Azema Court #200
National Imperial Commandress

32nd Degree Eagle


Ill. Havies Wilkes Jr.,32°
Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
Wa'Set Consistory #100
National Commander in Chief

Heroine Tiffany McCain
Heroines of Jericho – Ladies of Wisdom #1003
National Most Ancient Matron




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Knight Hubert Jones 32°
La Nouvelle Jerusalem
National Most Wise and Perfect Master
Royal Lady Vickie Willams
Royal Christina Court
Royal and Exalted Degree of the Amaranth
National Director of Amarant



Windell Lodge of Perfection & Daniels Royal Arch
National Royal Arch High Priest