Higher Degrees


         Tyrone Cave National Imperial Potentate


Noble Tyrone Cave 32°
Shrine – Hajji Temple #100
National Imperial Potentate

Daughter Tanja Mayfield
Daughters of Isis - Elmrra Azema Court #200
National Imperial Commandress

32nd Degree Eagle


Ill. Havies Wilkes Jr.,32°
Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
Wa'Set Consistory #100
National Commander in Chief

Heroine Tiffany McCain
Heroines of Jericho – Ladies of Wisdom #1003
National Most Ancient Matron




zHonored Lady Ella Lisa Griffin

Knight Hubert Jones 32°
La Nouvelle Jerusalem
National Most Wise and Perfect Master
Royal Lady Ella Elisa Griffin
Royal Christina Court
Royal and Exalted Degree of the Amaranth
National Director of Amarant



Windell Lodge of Perfection & Daniels Royal Arch
National Royal Arch High Priest